WV - Wanda Vorlová

Wanda Vorlová and her WV methods are aimed at complete satisfaction in terms of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


Areas, where WV is beneficial:

  • Diagnostic-rehabilitation physiotherapist (certificate since 2013),
  • Guide through different types of cleansing therapies, meditation and yoga- finger, optical, lunar, Hatha (certificates from years 2011-2014),
  • Masseuse- for sports, health and reflex (in the field since childhood, certificate from year 2013),
  • Health professional (certificate since 2006),
  • Golf coach and III. class referee (certificate since 2007),
  • Participant of several other requalification courses: (1999-2016)- qualifications in other fields: laugh therapy, feng shui, constellations, assisted regenerations, stays in the dark (for elevation of  perception/senses- touch, smell, taste, hearing, site), Reiki (I., II, III.), detoxication and cleansing methods, stretching (assisted and passive), Core (deep stabilization system), work with energetic routes (chakras, meridians), breathing practices,  psychosomatics, TRX,  exercise with balls (large, overball), shaktipat- spiritual awakening, physiognomy, phrenology, pilates, exercise with resistance bands (Thera band), skipping ropes, callanetics, development of intuition, caretaker, body language, working with pendulums, numerology, controlling, hotel management, bartender + sommelier course,
  • Organization assistant (since year 2000),
  • Gift specialist (since age 15).
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