Private WV rest prevention or rehabilitation

To consciously be in the ‘OFF’ mode (passive) and to let yourself be taken care of. Planned rest= Guarantees you sufficient vitality. Your body is a shell- take care of it to enable the inner harmony to show on the outside as well.


WV care brings:

  • The necessary rest in today’s rushed world,
  • Maintenance of health and sufficient energy,
  • Revitalising-relaxing-regeneration,
  • Increased alertness and attention,
  • Improvement of psychological and mental well-being


Regular WV care, custom designed for everyone, consists of:

  • Calming of the senses through hearing, smell and taste,
  • Expression through the use of colours,
  • Bringing of body into a resting position,
  • Assisted meditation with finger and optical yoga,
  • Cleansing using consultations and therapy,
  • Massages of receiving and supplying body parts (head-top of the head/backplate/ears/eyebrows; hands-palms/back of hand/ fingers/wrists; feet- insteps/feet/toes/ankles


Hour rate: In my studio 1 500 CZK, at your place 2300 CZK

Bank account: 43-8527610207/0100.



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