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"E. V. Č. A is amazing!"

MUDr. Vladimíra Hejmová


“Interesting approach. She has helped me. I recommend.”

Anna Julie Slováčková


 “Once in a while with Wanda we do simple exercises, which Wanda wants to incorporate into the education system. In this regard I wish her all the best. She has my support.”

Ing. Jozef Piga


“She always delivers on her promise. She is 100% reliable. I recommend for any area of sport”

 Ing. Arch. Karel Svoboda


Manages such precise care that I can just switch off and fall asleep. Outstanding results for a workaholic.

F. P.


“She helps us with the tuning of details which have great impact. Be it changes on the body, at home, in the family, at work or in self representation”



“Wanda’s observation talent, an eye for detail and corrections are a large contribution for the film and television industry.”



“E.V.Č.A .... helps me with my backache and, at the same time, provides me with fantastic relaxation.”

MUDr. Martina Kordová


“A very interesting composition of exercises after which you are able to reach a state of mental and physical wellbeing in a short period of time.” Especially with the emphasis on breathing, I was very surprised about how well and posi­tively tuned I was. As a top athletic coach, I will use this exercise regularly, especially as a relaxation and compensatory exercise.”

Dalibor “Dála” Kupka – coach of many Olympic champions in athletics


“I experience the biggest changes in the position of SITTING and STANDING STAT­UE, when I feel my pulse goes down and I reach a state of calm and comfort... thoughts come one after another... it also brings me relief after a full day of work standing on my feet. When I come home, sit down and do ankle and wrist circles in the NINJA position, it’s complete relief and my feet are light as a feather.”

Tereza Pešlová – hairdresser and make-up artist, Hair Affair salon, Táboritská 1084/15, Praha 3 – Žižkov


“MESSENGER calms down my breathing, gets me started, removes everyday worries and prepares the body for more demanding positions. It’s an easy position to start with. With MES­SENGER, I learned to concentrate before the next exercise and to “anchor myself” in time and space. I can even help you relax and enjoy other exercise to some extent.”

Ing. Miroslav Vaic – Trask Solutions a.s.


“I was complaining about stiffness of the cervical spine, when the pain goes through my shoulder and “shoots” into my arm which I’m unable to lift. My arm aches with any movement I do. Wanda’s PEACOCK position helped me. Immediately after my first prac­tice, I felt my arm releasing a little, and I can even lift it a bit higher.”

Jan Barva – Technician – National theatre in Prague


“I recommend E.V.Č.A .... to everyone. It has helped me greatly to improve my body posture, given me a better flow of energy in my entire body and made me feel better. It always relaxes all my stiff muscles and prepares me for the busy day ahead of me. THE CAR­PAL DANCER helps me relax the muscles around the hip joints, which are stiff from playing golf, and prevent my hands from getting problems with the carpal tunnel. I always feel like a new person when I finish with E.V.Č.A .... exercises!!! You can do it anywhere (at school, in public transport or at home), and you can easily do it by yourself, so you’re using your time efficiently and doing something for your health!!!”

Michelle Škarková – student, former junior tennis player


“For many years, I’ve been trying to get rid of the stiffness associated with frequent horseriding, where there is a specific load on the spine. After trying various exercises and relaxation techniques, I have come to like the MOLE position the most. It regularly releases the stiff body.”

Bc. Luboš Slavík – competitive horse rider, riding police Prague


“The correct position of SITTING STATUE relieves me of my backache, forces me to percieve the individual parts of my body seperately and gradully teaches me how to work with them.”

Barbora Starkova, Hotel Troja, Trojska 1, Prague 8


“STANDING STATUE = The position looks quite easy, but it’s an introduction to Wanda’s whole method, and its precise execution will help the body to get started and prepare for more challenging positions. NINJA = Even though it is the most demanding position for me personally, it calmed down, made my golf swing more relaxed and taught me to concentrate more on the flag-stick.”

Adam Křikava –, PIVNÍ


“E.V.Č.A .... is a thorough and quick warm up for your body. Even when you are very tired, you get energized ­and gain strength for the entire day. At the same time, it releases many muscles and all the tension inside of you.”

René Donat – student, participant of Wanda’s camps


“Given today’s fast-paced world, the main thing that attracted me to the E.V.Č.A .... is its efficiency. I have a lot of health issues due to regular golfing, and the exercises from the E.V.Č.A .... project are helping me to reduce this pain from a long-term perspective.”

Kristýna Hořejší – student of architecture, 2nd ViceMiss Golf 2015


“In spite of my initial distaste for organized movement, I have to give my daughter credit, because the CARPAL DANCER position is very functional, and I highly recommend to all athletes who also work manually. Finding a few minutes for the whole set of exercises is a guarantee of wellbeing for your body and soul, which is very much reflected in the individual’s mental health.”

Dagmar Vorlová – a professional horse breeder who also breeds Arabian horses


“I let myself get inspired by her ideas for web pages and since then I have gained clients”

M. C.


On friends’ recommendation WV has proposed a plan for the renovation of our restaurant including space under and around the restaurant and within 3 months more clients started coming and happily returning.

Restaurant ‘U Lva’


“We are a bank which, based on recommendations of an influential client, used the WV services and thanks to web changes gained customers”


I have become very familiar with Wanda’s methods and I would definitely recommend them. The details she notices and uses them to help are highly beneficial. Always helps. We happily turn to her for help.



ando - it's service and willingness from a friend that I've known for 20 years, while we have seen two times.... Once again, I and my son will spend a beautiful day 👍🏂

Lenka Kuželka Hájková


Recently I started the reconstruction of my flat, especially when it was necessary to change the kitchen and if possible with the lowest costs and practically use the existing kitchen unit components. I addressed Wanda, for my imagination is relatively limited. Wanda helped me assemble the components of kitchen furniture so that the reconstruction was effective, unreasonable and the space was good to use, which made her stand out. Additionally, I have used the following advice also when configuring the furniture in the living room. She has been able to better estimate and divide the individual sectors of the living room in such a way as to provide accommodation and to make use of the practical use of space. It is my dowry for this help and advice and admiration in what way can I get into the need for which I have rebuilt it

Luboš Slavík


Wando, for this year 2018, you still have the status of club representative, ie free membership and play on the pitch. Thank you for fulfilling the function of the captain of the women's team and the club's representation in previous years. "Josef Smrt

"Well, Vando, you deserve it and you belong to us

 JUDr. Jaroslav Javornický


Hello Wando, I want to thank you. You have the non-trivial merit of having managed to achieve the desired HCP. Thank you!!!

Mirek Vaic


Wanda has changed the life of our Naty, since she's been staying for Monti's summer stays, I feel like she's somewhere. She has begun to believe more and, in all directions, has a good influence on her. It takes golf as fun and space for new friendship, without the pressure on high performance. And thanks to her, we are experiencing her adolescence without unnecessary stress

Daniela Janková


Dear Wanda, I wanted to thank you because you are a sunshine for the golf, which is also trying to bring culture to this sport. You are trying to make golf for children and youth fun and upbringing. And especially your "squats" for bad words! Thank you very much and keep going. Satisfied mother Alice and golf player Sabrina

Alice Kulhánková


Our son was with Wanda at the summer golf camp and the other events she organizes, and I admire the kids "eating" her. For us, we can only recommend Wanda because it does very well. They care about their health, shifts them from laziness and electronics to better body posture, communication, self-confidence, and is always fun and good at its events

MUDr. Zuzana Donátová a René Donát


Wanda is our favorite motor mouse; even when it's tired or sad, I still have energy for others. Children love and respect her. Wanda has been motivating and motivating her, so she's out of duty and kids love it. And we are happy to have a man with time and space that can not be taught to humble golfing ethics. Thanks for that and we're looking forward to another event!

Martina Farkaš


Wanda's just amazing, I walked into the door and she saw me already knew where the problem was. She immediately knew what troubled me and how to "fix" it. Sitting there was pleasant, encouraging. And not only that, whenever and wherever we meet, she always looks at me and knows if it's better or not. In short, he sees me and he can handle it. I like her. One gets more from her than she really thinks. It's energy, love, friendship ... Thank you Wandi.

Alena Jinková


Our daughter was with Wanda at the camp and I must admit that she had everything besides golf. They have learned to move well in front of the game, to work better with psyche during the game, with rehabilitation - compensatory exercise after the game. The development took place throughout the stay. I was very pleased with her work. We wish her to keep going so well and helping to develop golf as we have done so far. Thank you and I recommend.

Jana Malečková


We started working with Wanda for several years. Using physical exercises, which in no way harmed the child's limitation of what sports activities are, helped her to a significantly better physical state and self-confidence. Every year we bloom in front of our eyes. The methods are not entirely traditional, but they work

Karolína a Pavel Richterovi


I started wanding at a time when I did not enjoy the best time. Here, I do not agree with what I say, and I will come to the MOC, but I must admit that the results have come. If you have a problem or want to have proper preventive care - order yourself

Adam Křikava


I started going to Wande late in 2015 and I must say that everything that she told me at the start of the opening hours just happened. Thanks to her leadership, I feel great and I am afraid of every level of life. If I already need to help or just advise on anything she can always advise. It is incredible how this young and small person can be a star in what he does. Thank you very much Wandi

Eva Madleňáková


Wanda is an amazing energetic man with a big smile. It works from the heart and therefore successfully results. It's amazing when playing beach volleyball and something health happens. Wanda squeezes somewhere, the man gets the place "breathes" and can play on. Sometimes it's unbelievable, but reality convinces. Wandi thanks

Roman Trnka


I appreciate the fact that Wanda helped me with the modifications in the apartment. She made my bedroom where she separated the sleeping area from work, which is great for balance in the apartment. At the same time, I adjusted the living area where the dining room moved. Overall, I live better in my apartment now. I can recommend Wanda to help you with a rebuilding or apartment / house facility

Jana Petrmanová


With Wandou, I have started practicing relatively recently according to her WV methods, but I have to admit that after each lesson I feel better overall

Petr Horel


I met Wanda when I had extremely blocked traps and did not do much to do it, nor did the classic massages help. Thanks to her methods, even if they were strange at first, I was afraid of them and my head was turning from them, the traphes stopped blocking me. I felt relieved. She even helped me in many other areas. I feel better. For as he likes to say: "Everything is connected". I strongly advise her to prevent or to care for the sport, but even if you do not succeed in some kind of life

Kateřina Chovancová


I have known Wanda since her childhood and I have to say that since then she has undergone a great transformation. She still has a smile on her face, but she has changed her blessedly, especially in her empathy. It is not unusual for a young woman to have so much experience and she has been able to cope with situations she has not yet experienced and she has not experienced. But we are all endowed with some talent. She by being able to get the maximum out of nothing. It can be said to be healing, and the coaching methods are odd for the ego, but they work. He can always create the atmosphere of perfect relaxation and find with you, respectively. You yourself, solving the problem. He has a sensitive approach and can find a quick solution. It just sort of skimarads with the environment of human souls. And not to mention her organizational talent. So if you have a problem or want to prevent them, I recommend her WV methods. And if nothing else, Wanda and her methods are best suited every once in a while, to prevent and deliver energy that is increasingly lacking in us

Mgr. Tomáš Machurek


I met Wanda years ago at the Children's Children's Tournament, which was the first for us. Every golfer remembers his first. Everything was very sophisticated and sensitively tangled from start to finish.

Eva Alba Kinská


Wanda is a very enthusiastic golfer who does everything to keep her love and enthusiasm away regardless of age. Golf is her life!

Eva Alba Kinská


Wanda Vorlová was in charge of running 8 VIP tents for our respected clients at the Ladies European Tour in Pilsen on Dýšina. She organized her Miss Cup member. The girls have trained how to behave to the guests (to inform about the bikes where they are, the less experienced golfers to explain the rules of golf, what and how in the storm ... etc). I have to say that we were very satisfied. She was always a step ahead. And very helpful

Aleš Kubát


On Wanda I like her proactivity and especially honesty. I was very surprised that she had really returned some of the money she had recovered from subsidies for the summer golf camp. I also try to meet my organization to arrange for a take-off for any action. As a mother of two children I very much appreciate it. He'll always find a solution. "

Lenka Kuželková/ Hájková


Wando, our girls are coming from your camps so excited that we have not seen such euphoria. According to them must !!! to go next year and then again and again. We are very pleased that they are doing so well, not just golfing. I thank you very much for them and wish you more satisfied kids and parents.

Ivana a Martin Tkaczykovi


I have known Wanda for several years, not only as an excellent golfer who can handle golf swing but I can turn to it even when I need to solve something. We address issues of health, relationship, or just think of behavioral strategies in different situations. I have to tell her very often, even though it does not seem like much at first. She has a great intuition, she is receptive, she has a sense of detail and she just knows. And then he can do everything well to organize.

Ing. Kveta Sovíkova


Wanda Vorl helps me with physical exercises to keep fit and as a result improve my life in all its aspects, above all, I am succeeding in gradually improving the quality of the golf game, which is the main reason why I started to experience Wanda. I'm going to Wanda for a year now. During exercise, Wanda is always focused and pleasant. It concentrates not only on physical aspects but also takes into account the psychological state of mind. I leave the exercise physically and mentally relaxed. I can recommend Wanda Vorl's help with the best conscience.

Miroslav Vaic


WV methods helped me a lot. My first experience with them was at the camp, where I came tired and totally "outraged". After a full week of golf, exercise and meditation, I was leaving as a new person. For the next two weeks, I went to Wanda Vorl every three days, practiced and talked about everything, my family, my school, and above all about me. Because there is no problem in others but in me. Since then, I have much more faith, with my parents getting better and enjoying life more. I highly recommend working with Wanda Vorla to help you with any problem.

Michaela Škarková


I have been working with Wanda for many years. In my field, whenever I choose the term according to my methods, it is always without complications and there have never been any complications in our treatment. We also have room cleaning because not all rooms were previously energy efficient. I highly recommend her services because she has great results

MUDr. David Urie


I have been working with Wanda for many years. Exercise helped me improve my bad posture, and also stretched the shortened muscles. In addition to physical progress, I also improved my psyche, especially in golf. Wanda has helped me to change the settings of my thinking to positive, and mental exercises help me to relax and calm down every day. I definitely recommend cooperation with Wanda.

Adéla Němcová


My son Erik met Wanda first in Hodkovice, when there were only 6 holes where she helped Radek Wagner with her children's workouts. Now he is an adult man, but I can say that we owe him to many methods. Erik often liked to go to camps where golf was the main attraction, but he was not playing 24 hours a day, enjoying his seances and, surprisingly, exercises that improve not only the physical body but also the psyche on the march. She was delighted with her organizational talent, and she could always cope with sensitive situations in the difficult life situations the child is going through for life. From what he learned at Wanda, he draws to this day even though he has moved to another sport.

Silvie Holubová


With Wanda I meet with my son from time to time. I know its methods work. Just follow them. Since he began rehabilitating his son, and thanks to Wanda's methods of working for a better posture, he is more successful overall. Like a mother, I very much appreciate it. Thanks for her sensitive approach. It is a shame that different rehabilitation exercises are not taught directly in schools. Everybody would be better off. "

Nataša Diatková


Miss Vorl is able to look at the client from multiple angles. This is a very important feature in the activity it operates. All her work is very devoted, and if you are her client, she will try to make it possible and impossible to help you with the best mental, physical and golf form. It's simply unique, because no one who can read so well between lines, work on himself and others, be empathic with an effort to always help, I do not know. It features an interesting combination of the above-mentioned features.

Eliška Alena Hromířová


Our son, Alan, has gone through Wanda Vorla's coaching and her methods, and I have to say he has a life to build on. Physically, mentally and mentally. Now he's a big kid and he's up to him to use everything he needs in his life. We thank Wanda for her persistent youth care. Many of them are already somewhere in the universities and are reaping successes in various fields.

Markéta a Jan Klenorovi


Wandou had first met at beach volleyball years ago and I was lucky to find time after every training session on everyday life. She was a good counselor even in more difficult situations, she was always able to find a solution. She and her children knew great advice, and without knowing it, they could listen to her. By her methods, I have gone through the cleansing fast that has made me tailor-made and I have to add that I felt good and I look better in the surroundings.

Daniela Moravcová


With Wanda Vorla, our children go from the very early age to the camps where they deal with both golf and the versatile approach to preparing before and after the game. Balancing exercises help them to better hold the body and affect the overall condition. What, as a parent, I have to appreciate is the fact that Wanda can well organize any tournaments and competitions. Children always get excited and want to participate repeatedly. I can strongly recommend her services.

Jan a Silvie Vlčkovi


Our son was playing hockey from where he went to relax on golf under the direction of Wanda Vorlová. He went with her and the camps, where I appreciated a complex approach to the whole body. He has learned the right hold, breathing, compensation, and can build on the other stages of life. Overall, I appreciate her enthusiasm and the ability to inspire children to play. Absolutely perfect. I warmly recommend.

Jana Ciprová


If you have some blockages on the body and drugs do not help, I recommend taking care of Wanda. She has 1 * from me. Thanks to her methods, I was very fast and could do everything again.

Lucie Klimešová


We've been working with Wanda for years. In particular, we can not endorse the exercises to compensate for the golf load. Thanks

Mgr. Robert Němec


Everything is perfect and super cooperative. All end to end with a professional approach

Miloš Svoboda


With Wanda, our kids have been on golf camps for years. She was always reliable, and we knew they were in good hands. Even if we needed any change, we were always able to organize everything well. Now they are both full-grown and still, albeit with other regimes and conditions, have a desire to travel camps. It is therefore admirable that he can maintain their favor not only in childhood, puberty, but also in adulthood. Its methods may be slightly unusual, but always successful. Whether it's prevention, care, psyche or golf.

Pavlína Másílková


My daughter is traveling with Wanda to the camps. She is always level after her return, smiling with a visible and significant improvement in her play. I am pleased with her complex approach. Thank you.

David Goldsbrough


I had a head massage at Wandy, they were relaxing and helped me out of stress. With Julie's daughter, the scoliosis of the spine was greatly improved due to exercise, when the doctor had to request an X-ray, although originally very visible. Still, according to Wanda's suggestion, the room was rebuilt, feeling more comfortable and sleeping in the room, which was not the case. And thanks to the WV methods, Julien was more easily poxed, her fingernails lessening her skin.

Jana Němcová


Wand is a great compliment. Children are very fond of her. It always has everything perfectly prepared. The camps are enjoying it all year. Not to mention the tournaments.

Andrea Havlíčková


Her daughter went to train golf at the club in Hodkovice. Wanda led the stretching exercise, led the team, coordinated events for both men and more children, including golf camps. From experience, I can say that it is a very positive person who has energy to distribute. And I can read that from the heart, I think they can communicate very well with the younger youth when they take her as a friend, but they can also maintain their respect. For the last 5 years, when we have cast our branch into their hands, we have never experienced a problem, and the daughter always returns to her action. I believe he will be successful in a new project. Wando thank you, and I'm sorry. Because we love Wanda, we were happy to share the experience. For me the same positive references. In today's pursuit of an orientated time, Wanda will need to give it more.

Pavel Pölzer


I would like to thank Wanda, who helped me in my personal development, but also in golf. You are an integral part of my team and thank you very much for it .. Without you it would not work. Thank you for helping me, we have done a great deal of work

Šideri Váňová


My daughter was at the age of 5, 5 for the first time in the camp with Wanda and her confidants since then, reminding her every year that the camp would like to participate again. I think he's talking about everything at this age. Wanda is primarily a personal example, and he teaches them everything he needs, from proper breathing, through social teaching and dining, to work with emotions, which we sometimes have the problem of skipping and we adults. I recommend her services for both children and adults. If you want to entrust someone to your hands, only to the hands of a good man, and above all, Wanda. "

Markéta Klubalová


I was very happy with Wanda. I really liked how jolly full energy is, and at the same time my work is over my head. So, I came out of curiosity to her at the first lesson, where we mainly talked about yoga exercises, but over time, during physical exercise, we moved to my heart. It is important and leads to the results, which I subsequently understand and manage. I've been working since April 2015 and winning the contest (although I've often heard that I do not have a great deal of hope) was just a cherry on the cake. Wanda was my guide to what concerns the psyche and the posture. She always told me that if I use ALL as a small child, I will reap success. And I have to tell her the truth. And since the fall of 2015 I see improvement :) Thank you. "

Edita Urbanová


For me everything 100% super !!! The son of Peter is always excited about the complete care of Wanda, which he provides to children at events and camps. And nowadays, when every child is dependent on a cell phone with the internet, it is unrealistic that they are happy to go and they are also a week free of mobiles.

Andrea Vartová


Wanda, thank you very much for her stays for children with golf. There is always a good bunch, and our son is excited and happy to enjoy each year. Another moment and our second son will be driving. We are happy to recommend.

MUDr. Blanka Hloušková a Michal Vošvrda


Wandy methods such as her hair care, skin, nail designs can recommend. He can create a plan for everyone to improve and improve. As a hairdresser, I see the results and who has ordered appointments for her, never had a problem, and I was better off working with my hair. The result was great. I recommend in other areas if you do not know the advice. Will willingly help and advise. And I recommend her action for children as well

Tereza Pešlová


Dear Wando, thanks to your teaching, your pupils and the sea can celebrate success, for which we thank you! Yours sincerely grandmother.

Jindra Černá


Wanda trained our son in Hodkovičky and I must appreciate her sensitive attitude and responsibility with which she approached each child. She developed golf art, but she was very much focused on the right warm up, preparation, fun, without which the children can not do, the compensation and the development of intuition. Thank you

Eva Hrušková


It's a long story behind this success, so I do not even know where I should start! I think the very main thing I want to mention is my family! I thank my mom and dad Rostislav Váňa, because without them I would not be able to do that. When others did not believe me, they were the ones who believed me. When I experienced sports failures, they persuaded me that everything would come. I thank them for their patience, long support, trust and love. The other one I want to thank is my team and sponsors. Thank you to everyone who took part in the preparation, who goes with me on the road and pulls me up Andrew Malley Petr Salbot Roman Gomola Wanda Vorlová Jan Šindelář Karel Skopovy! Without you all I would never be where I am now. Great respect for your work. Our journey is just beginning and I know it will be a ride.

Šideri Váňová


I've been working with Wanda since June 2016, and I have to say that her methods are unconventional, often startling, but they work. In many cases I have to tell her the truth. Thanks to her leadership, I deal better with the various kinds of fears that accompany us today and daily. Thanks to her types, I'm more relaxed and relaxed. "

Ivana Hrehová

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