E. V. Č. A… = (Effective Usage of Time And… movement or life without pain):

  • A guide for your complete vitality and harmony under the aegis of the ‘Medicentrum Beroun’ health institution,
  • benefits everyone: from people who strongly dislike sport or people on wheelchairs to competitive athletes,
  • mobility exercises improve all aspects of daily life of everyone from children to seniors,
  • replaces taurine, caffeine, guarana, i.e. energy ‘boosting’ drinks,
  • book version published in Czech and English. The book can be purchased from ‘Plot’ or the Luxor bookshop.


E-book (Czech and English version) available for download here

  • E. V. Č. A .... stories or FREE reading

    Reading can serve as a preparation for exercise and pain-free life:

    • Through reading you obtain information/start up your knowledge,
    • Information/knowledge sparks your interest and curiosity,
    • Desire combined with curiosity will force you out of your chair and make you try exercise

    = subsequently you will have LIFE WITHOUT PAIN

  • Verified public sessions

    • Beroun (Medicentrum Beroun) Rehabilitation no. 10- accessible entrance.
    • Prague (WV studio) 3rd  floor- no elevator.
    • No need to register beforehand.
    • You can attend in your everyday clothing- no special attire required.
    • Information about a given session will always be published 48 hours before and can be found in the calendar.


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