DEVELOPMENT/REstart/Mindset + changes

For example, thanks to WV methods and changes:

  • Another Czech player is playing the LPGA and received a card for the USA Symetra Tour,
  • she has improved her self-perception, increased her self-confidence and won the title Miss Golf,
  • has plenty of energy and enthusiasm even at an older age,
  • persevering medical problems have gone away and is now doing generally well in life,
  • finally, can sleep alone and happily all night in her own bedroom,
  • her entire family was brought together,
  • cleansed environments (for living and business purposes) started doing better,
  • changing expressionisms has led to a significant improvement in work and personal life.



Are you living life according to your ideals? Do you know what you want? Are your wishes coming true? Are you happy? Are you managing everything you need? Do you sleep well? Do you feel well at work/home? NO!?= Then I recommend you book a consultation. You will close the door to your non-functional settings and open a new door to your new options.


Through the means of:

  • mirroring                    
  • analysis
  • stories and examples
  • questions and answers
  • Expression- thoughts, speech, body language (stance, posture, walk)


2/ Changes/Transformations

Changes through WV methods are seemingly unimportant details which, however, help you live, sleep, work and even breathe better.

There exists nothing that cannot be improved. May it be placement of bed, everyday rituals, different outfits from what you already own or even change of your web pages= this all affects you.

By changing your self-presentation or making a small change in your environment (at home/ at work) you will inevitably gain inner and outer happiness.


Hour rate: In my studio 1 000 CZK, at your place 1500 CZK

Bank account: 43-8527610207/0100.


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