For the past 15 years WV methods have helped many golf players:

  • Professionals, who previously focused on different sports
  • Those studying abroad at universities with scholarships,
  • A player who has attended the European Tour at the age of 15 and is a great prospect for the Czech Republic,
  • Those who, at a young age, have successful careers and are improving without traditional training,
  • And many others who received the needed basis for life and now play golf recreationally, for fun.
  • With WV methods golf is no longer a one side-restraining sport!

    Thanks to proper teaching I guarantee pain-free play at any age. It is based on a good knowledge/understanding of your own body and what it can do. (Not everyone is capable of swinging like Eldrick Tiger Woods, yet still can play professionally). For your wellbeing and enjoyable game you need WV game prevention: (before, during and after).


    Coaching during the game.

    Price: 1 900 CZK + my green fee of concrete golfcourse.

    Bank account: 43-8527610207/0100.



  • Camps - Registrations

    Information, propositions and online application. Needs to be confirmed by the end of May.

  • Photo gallery of camps 2006-2021

    Dear adolescents and parents, here are some memories for you :) email me for the password.

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